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Friday, December 27, 2002

After a rather amusing email conversation from someone who has read my blog, I decided to write some thoughts here about the conversation.

It started off as the person didn't understand my relationship and my prgnancy, meaning, did I move in with some guy that I just met then get pregnant to him? No, this is not the case. I don't always write in this blog and I do keep most personal things to myself, as most people do. I just simply wrote that I've met someone, now moving in with him. A month or less later I fell pregnant.

I met my boyfriend long before I wrote about him in this blog. The fact that I never stated how long I have been with him was the source of confusion. The next thing I know, I'm explaining that no, I am not married and may not marry as yet. Its funny how people take things more seriously then others.

I don't feel the need to rush and get married just because I am pregnant. A lot of relationships fail, as do marriages. When I am ready to marry, I'm sure I will. Though, some still believe in marrying before children. I don't. A child will not suffer in life if his/her parents are married or not. Its the failure of relationships that have children involved that makes the complication (as far as this conversation goes).

So why do I explain my personal life with a complete stranger? Well, I'm a stranger to everyone out there who reads my blog (with the exception to those who I already know). The whole idea of it is so who ever you may be, you can find out the life of one person in this small world of ours.

I don't mind conversing about my life or my beliefs or what I want from my relationship or my being a mother. I do mind having a pointless argument about something that one person disagrees with in my life. Not everyone will agree, not everyone will have the same beliefs as I do, we all live our lives as we see fit. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we don't. Its all part of learning and growing.

Life is weird. Society and sometimes religion dictate how we should live our lives and how we should raise our children and if a couple should marry or not. I don't listen to society very often. I choose how my life will be lived, not anyone else. Does that make me better? Certainly not. I'm not perfect, and I don't always do things right or say things right. I make mistakes, and have to learn from them as anyone else does. I just want to live my life a happy one and as peaceful as I can. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, just wanted to have my say :) Anyone else who wishes to ask any more questions, just send me an email :)

posted by Elena . 1:35 PM

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